What a crazy year!

June 7, 2020

What a crazy year! All our tours and big shows have been canceled. 

Now is a good time to use your fan base to grow your digital footprint. Especially with livestreams. 

Livestream shows (Facebook Live, Instagram, etc are going to be the norms this year. 

A couple of tips. 

1 Set up a specific day and time for when you plan on playing some live music. 

2 It doesn’t have to be complicated. You can use your phone and turn it sideways to go live. 

Get as close to the phone as possible (while keeping you in frame) so the audio doesn’t sound too distant. 

3 Spend a little time in advance and prepare (maybe even rehearse?) a short set. 3 or 4 songs is a good place to start. 

4 Notify your fans a few days in advance of your schedules livestream. And then remind them again a few hours before you start. This is huge. Use your social media for this and your mailing list. Your mailing list is gold when it comes to getting people to your live shows. 

5 Put a Virtual Tip Jar in the description of your live post. You can use PayPal or Venmo links. 

6. Be consistent. If you can go live the same day and same time each week, more fans will start to join. 

Stay safe, use this time to hone in on your songwriting, promoting your music and building your fan base. Music can be monetized when relationships are built. So jump in as many conversations as you can and try not to lose these opportunities to grow closer to your fans.