Red39 Records

A New Era of Musical Innovation and Artist Empowerment

Red39 Records, the dynamic label arm of Red39 Entertainment, is an artist/label partnership in music and innovation. Since our inception in 2006, we've been at the forefront of the independent music scene, making a significant impact by launching the careers of artists who dare to be different.

Our partnership with giants like Sony/BMG/Flicker Records kickstarted our journey, leading to the breakout success of teen sensation eleventyseven. Their hits, "Christmas Magic" and "How It Feels To Be With You," soared on Radio Disney, reaching the Top 40 and solidifying our label.

More Than a Label – A True Artist Partner

At Red39 Records, we transcend the traditional label model. We are a haven for artists, fostering a unique artist/label collaboration that champions your creative freedom and success.

We prioritize your interests, blending the strategic approach of an artist manager with the expansive capabilities of a record label. Our mission? To empower you to shape your musical journey on your terms, without giving up control. And without paying us commissions.

Nurturing Talent, Building Careers

Our dedication to nurturing emerging talent is unparalleled. We offer a robust platform for artist development, guiding artists through their growth and setting the stage for their evolution – whether it's signing with larger independents, major labels, or thriving independently.

Our artist-centric approach ensures you retain full control and ownership of your music, defining your path without compromise.

Your Music, Your Rights, Your Future

Red39 Records stands out with a steadfast commitment to artists' autonomy. Unlike traditional industry deals, our structure allows you to maintain complete control over your music and ownership of your masters.

We utilize private investment to fund artist advances, charging only a modest flat fee for our comprehensive label services and artist development. This model liberates you from the constraints of low royalties and restrictive contracts, ensuring your music and your rights come first.

Visionary Leadership

Under the visionary leadership of Chip Latham, co-founder and CEO of Red39 Entertainment, our label has gone from an exclusive service to our management clients, to a full service label that allows the artist to choose the areas where they want to focus. We accept submissions from any artist in the rock, pop, country, blues and soul genre's.

Submit Your Music For Consideration

At Red39 Records, we're more than a label – we're a movement. If you're an artist seeking a partner that values your creative freedom and supports your career aspirations, look no further. Join us and be part of a community that celebrates your individuality, champions your rights, and propels your music to new heights.

Dive into the world of Red39 Records, where your music matters, your rights are paramount, and your potential is limitless. Welcome to the future of music. 

Red39 Entertainment's management and consulting clientele includes legends like Rod Stewart, Prince, Hootie and the Blowfish, and many more. 

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