Artist Success Pack

Please save this page for future reference. It is best viewed on a desktop or laptop. Watch the introduction video below first to get started, then go over the information on the rest of the page.

Some Things To Expect

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    Questions. You Will Likely Have Many.  
    That's why I am here. We can cover questions in our Zoom meetings. You also can reach me via email at . I am on Messenger frequently, as well, and can be reached there. If you have a question or comment that others may also benefit from, please post it in the Private Facebook Group (info below). Don't hesitate to reach out to me anytime you have a question about anything.
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    Follow Up From Me.
    I will be reaching out to you regularly. To send you important information and check on your progress. AND, to help you stay on track and not procrastinate. Sometimes I will use our Facebook Group. Sometimes via email. I also use automation emails. Whatever I can do to help you stay on task.
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    Frequent Updates & Info In The Facebook Group.
    Please keep an eye on our Facebook Group (details on joining below). We frequently go Live, post articles and resources to help you with your music. We also use Facebook for accountability reminders to help you prevent procrastination.

Let's Get Started! Below Are Some Important First Steps.

Bonuses are super powerful and will add more value to your core offer. You can also use them to create urgency by offering a bonus for a limited time only.

Request access to our private Facebook Group

This is where we post updates, share ideas and give feedback with other group members and answer questions.

Click the link below and request to join!

Virtual Management Meeting  

Set up your first Zoom meeting. This will serve as an onboarding meeting where we go over your goals with your music and discuss ways that we can help you. Just email us at to set it up.

Access Our Video Training Library

Make sure to find and SAVE your welcome email from Teachable. This is the platform we use to secure our private training and replay meetings.

These trainings are arranged by topic and will help you in many different areas of your music and promotion

This email will have your login info to access your account. You can login at the link below as well.


Suggested Assets, Resources & Tools For Success

Not required, but suggested. Some of these tools you can get as your grow your music business.

Recorded Music - As many songs as possible and as good of quality as possible. But necessarily pro studio quality. Home studio recordings can work if they are mixed well. 

A Laptop or Desktop Computer If Possible - Much of our training area utilizes screen sharing to show you specific techniques. They are hard to follow on a mobile phone. Also video editing is easier on a lap or desktop.

Simple Video Editing Program - The videos that tend to work best in social media promotion look live or un-produced. Shoot them with cell phone and then sync the audio. Or pay someone in FIVVER (see below).

Website / Funnel system/ Online Store - You don’t need all of these right away, but having a simple website would be a good start. 

Video Content Mix - Vided of acoustic and/or live versions of songs. Interview style videos of the meaning being the songs. Behind the scenes footage of recording songs, writing sessions, rehearsal... RECORD everything!  

Merch - Physical CD’s (low cost), T’s, Hoodies, etc. Bundles are key to building your fan base at the beginning and then monetizing it.

Facebook Business Page - You need a (band) Page just for your music to promote it, run ads and access data on your fans. Do not use your personal Facebook Page as  your main tool to promote your music.

Instagram Page - To build your audience. Especially those that are not on Facebook. 

Facebook Business Manager - To run ads to Facebook and Instagram. 

YouTube Account - Used mainly for discovery. It’s the 2nd largest search engine. And to (privately) host video content for your website and funnel pages.  

Live Music Set Up - For Facebook and Instagram live. Band rehearsal, solo acoustic, etc.

A Budget For Promotion - If you aren’t on a record label now, YOU are your own record label. And you have to invest in promoting your music. 

RERSOURCES (Just Google For Their Website)

Canva - FREE and easy to use graphics editor. Templates for Facebook Cover images, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube Thumbnails and loads more.

FIVVER - Independent contractors (mostly overseas in low income countries) that can do just about anything for you and very cheaply. Great resource for video editing, for example. And again, CHEAP!

Suggested Trainings To Get Started

Please make sure you login to Teachable FIRST before you watch the suggested videos below. All but one are direct links to videos within our training area.

Start Here

Duration: 3:30m

Watch these introduction videos FIRST so you know how to use our Management Training Video Area. They will go over how to navigate the different training categories and how to use the Video Player.

Social Videos Styles

Duration: 19:01m

Videos that work best on social media don't look like ads. This video from one of my mentors explains why. 

This is also a great YouTube Channel to follow.

The Social Single

Duration: 7:35m

The foundation that we use for launching your music nationally we call a "Social Single". This is a targeted video ad. This video will cover the basic of what we're talking about: 

Targeted Ad Audiences

Duration: 1:39m

Getting your music in front of the right audience is key to growing your fan base. It's also key to monetizing it. here is an intro to Audiences

Lookalike Audiences

Duration: 2:41m

The images help to make your digital course look more "real". If you do not have screenshot images of your course, try using icons instead.

Pitching To Labels

Duration: 5:31m

By now the reader should be blown away by everything that they will be able to achieve after following your online course.

One Final Thing....

Please remember to check your email frequently and reply to each email so we know you received it. Keep an eye on your SPAM box and PROMOTION box (especially if you use Gmail. One of our main goals is to stay in contact with you to help you stay motivated and avoid PROCRASTINATION. Also please visit our Facebook Group regularly. Don't wait for a notification. Build good communication habits and it will help you get your work done. Reach out to me at if you need anything or have questions