Shows & Touring

Copy The Text In The Bottom Of  The Block & Paste It Into The Chat Box. Then Click Chat. Be Sure To Replace ALL The Text in {   } with Your Information. See Example In First Block.

Show & Tour Planner

Can you give me a numbered list of at least 5 major cities in the state of {    }? Under each city, please list in bullet point form, the 5 most popular music venues in each city, and include each venue's website URL. Please give a brief description of each individual venue and only list venues that have a maximum capacity of 200 people that also book live {    } artists.  

Find A Booking Agent (Local, Regional, or National)

Can you give me a numbered list of midsize booking agents that only book small venue and club shows and concerts for {country} music artists in the {midwest}? Include links to each booking agency. Focus on non-exclusive agencies.

Pitch Email To Book Shows

Provide tips on finding private investors who are interested in funding an {emerging country musician} with a presence on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. The musician, who is consulting with an artist manager, has an EP out now and an upcoming full album. {He} plays over {100} live shows a year and seeks a {$5,000} investment to increase {his} fan base and monetize  {his} music through digital advertising, and email and text subscribers in the United States. The musician is open to offering investors equity, royalties, or other financial incentives in exchange for their investment, and has no specific timeline for achieving their goals. The musician is also open to receiving mentorship or guidance from the investor in addition to the financial investment.

Write Sample Artist Performance Rider

[You are an expert music booking agent. You write with a professional tone] Write a show or performance rider for a {rock band} playing a club or venue with a {200 person capacity}. Include requested {snacks and beverages}

Finding An Investor/Sponsor

You are an {up and coming rock } music artist. Your music is about {living life and having fun} and you have a professional tone.  Can you give me an extensive list of small businesses and organizations in {Charlotte, NC}, including their website address, that offers financial support to local musicians? These could be individuals or corporate investors that might align with my {country music} brand?  The goal is for the business to invest monetarily to promote my music in exchange for a {}  monthly repayment plus them getting a {10%} return on their investment. Please only include businesses, individuals, and organizations that are likely to partner with low-interest and invest in my music.


Tips On Applying For Grants

You are an {up and coming rock } music artist. Your music is about {living life and having fun} and you have a professional tone.  Can you give me some tips on writing and applying for grants for my music?

Social Media & Content

Write descriptions for Facebook and Instagram ads and posts. Create social media post topics and plan your social media calendar.