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"Facebook Ads For Musicians Simplified"

Setting Up Your Saved Targeted Audience 

If you really want to grow your music career, then you MUST focus on getting a continuous flow of new fans coming in. so that you are constantly growing your fan base. And Facebook Ads are a great way to do that.

First you introduce your music to new potential fans with a video ad.

Then you need to build a targeted, custom audience of people who liked your video in the ad. In other words, you want to screen or funnel your potential fans down into a highly targeted, warm audience of people who have shown that they like your music enough to watch your video. These people are more likely, not just to become a new fan, but to also become a supporter of your music.

Start with building your first targeted audience as a Saved Audience. You want to build a large audience that targets the right people for your first Facebook ad. This is where most musicians get it wrong.

You do this in the Facebook Ads manager under the “Audience” section. You are going to build a saved audience of fans of major artist whose music is similar to yours. So you want to try to figure out whose fans are most likely to also like your music.

For example, if you are a blues artist, you might want to target Joe Bonamassa or Tedeshi Trucks. Or both. ]

This is something you will need to experiment with. You may want to create several large saved audiences in your ads manager and see which ones work best for your ads. If an ad is costing too much. Just stop it and let the ad that is working best keep running.

You want this 1st saved audience to be between 300,000 and 2 Million people. We have found the sweet spot to be around 1 million. But Facebook is very smart. Give them enough highly targeted info, and they will figure out the rest. Also make sure you give EACH audience a unique name because you will be using your best saved audiences over and over again. 

When you run your first ad, your objective will be Video Views. Then for your audience, choose “Use A Saved Audience”. Then type in the name of the saved audience you want to use for this ad. 

​Choosing your budget is something you will need to figure out. If your song is good and you target the right audience, you should be able to get video views for as little as a penny per view, or less. It may cost a little more the first few days, but cost should drop once Facebook’s Algorithm starts kicking in. 

​You will need to budget a minimum of $1 a day. You can run your ad a week or a month or longer. But keep this in mind. You are not only introducing your music to potential new fans, but you are also building a highly targeted warm audience for your second ad. Because in your second ad, you are only going to target people that watched this video. So the longer you can run your first ad, the more video views you can get…. the larger the audience will be for your second ad. This is very important.

When you get to the next step in creating your ad, you will upload your video in the ads manager. Or, if your video is already uploaded to an existing post, facebook will give you the option of using an existing post. Just make sure your that post text says what you want to use for your ad because once you submit an ad, you can’t edit the text. So edit the post first, to make any changes you want before you run the ad.

We will have a separate training tomorrow on how to set up your custom audience for your second ad.  

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Resources For Going Forward

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  • Using Social Media To Explode Your Fan Base
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    Booking More Shows & Getting More people Out To See Them
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    How To Shop For A Recording Contract
  • How To Get A Manager
  • Marketing As An Independent Artist
  • A Complete Facebook Advertising Guide For Musicians (Coming In September)

New courses are added frequently and all our previous Facebook Live Q&A Training's are archived for instant access as well. 

We Offer Two Consulting Packages



$25 $15 Per Month

  • Access to our Red39 U Marketing and Industry Training Course Library.
  • Complete access to our Private Facebook Group to post your questions and get feedback, and access to our Twice A Month Facebook Live Training & Q&A Interactive Videos.
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